Bucket List- Things to do to create my meaningful life

We had a guy named Yuval Abromovitz come to base to give a talk. He is a sort of motivational speaker and explained how to be a “successful person” and how to achieve goals. I haven’t stopped thinking about his presentation since I heard him. He talked about how in order to achieve goals they need to be specific and objective. It’s hard to measure happiness or the idea of success but if you can make attainable goals, it can bring you closer to finding meaning in your life which I think is the ultimate goal. 

He said that we train ourselves and our children to keep our dreams to ourself and this does a lot of harm. When we have a birthday we blow out the candles and think of our wish inside our head. When we see a falling star we think of our wish inside our head. We even say if you say your wish outloud, it won’t come true. The way to success is knowing how to ask for help.

I am proud of my life in Israel because I believe that everything I have here (friends, community, money, experiences) is because of me. I believe that I have gotten myself to this point and that no one did it for me. That being said, I know how to ask for help. When I am not able to achieve something on my own I find someone or something to turn to for assistance. For example, I didn’t form my garin on my own but I found Garin Tzabar and decided to do the seminars and join. Even though technically Garin Tzabar helped me, I wouldnt have allowed myself to be helped or been able to seek out help if I didn’t know how to ask. 

I have decided to start a list of goals and wishes of things I want to accomplish in my life and I’m not going to keep it just in my head or in my phone for only me to see. I’m going to post it here because who knows, maybe there will be someone who reads this blog and has some way to help me or wants to join me. 

  1. speak in front of 200+ people
  2. be in nature by myself for 24 hours
  3. travel to every continent
  4. learn Spanish
  5. get a writing piece published
  6. learn Arabic
  7. go to a multiple day music festival
  8. learn to play guitar
  9. organize a protest
  10. run in a 5k race
  11. watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  12. particpate in a poetry slam
  13. be a bridesmaid
  14. dance on a bar
  15. join a flashmob
  16. go to a concert and meet the singer/band after
  17. be silent for 24 hours
  18. get (at least one) college degree
  19. meditate in the desert
  20. sleep outside without a tent
  21. not use my cell phone /computer for a week
  22. send an anonymous letter in the mail
  23. buy plane tickets at the airport the same day as the trip
  24. go up the Washington monument
  25. spend $100 on one meal
  26. Eat at a 24 hour diner at 3am
  27. leave a note in a book in a library/ book store
  28. leave an anonymous gift on a friend’s door step
  29. work on an election campaign

    Happy passover and I hope that we can all achieve our dreams and goals. 

    Yuval’s TedTalk (English) 


    “Purpose” Avenue Q


    P.S. for all of you on my mailing list- I apologize for sending this twice, I accidentally posted the first time and had to edit and publish it again. 


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