This Last Week

All I wanted was for this week to be over already but now that I think about it, it wasn’t such a bad week.

Sunday me and Siboniy went to base together for “take your boyfriend to work day” (stammmm⇓ that was me trying to be funny- he actually came to speak in a panel for soldiers who were in plugat carmel⇓ to speak to the soldiers who are currently in carmel about their jobs in the army now) which was really fun. It made my sunday much less miserable and he stayed until 8pm and had a fun dinner with the girls in my room and we had my dream Michve⇓ date of sitting and looking out at the most beautiful view in all of Israel.

Whenever I see the girls who are in lahava⇓ I always talk to them and see how they’re doing and it always makes me happy. They’re so cute. SOOOOOO so so (so) happy I finished that shlav⇓ of my life but happy to make people who are still there smile.

I had toranut mitbach⇓ this week but it’s not REEAAALL toranut mitbach because there are actual paid people who work on the base (shoutout to the dodot⇓) who are in charge of the kitchen so it was no biggie. Another reason it rocks to be at Michve.

I was sitting in my office being stressed about this tiyul⇓ that was happening the next day and I hear someone call my name, turn my head and guess who it is?! Ariel Hoffman!!!!! All the Ariel’s were with me this week at Michve! I jumped on him and it was so nice and we got to talk for a little. Visitors are fun.

Because Michve Alon is a training base, there are always courses starting and finishing. Yesterday plugat sa’ar⇓finished their tekes⇓. In plugat sa’ar they have girls one session and boys one session. This time the boys finished. People draft to sa’ar for all kinds of reasons. For the boys, it’s usually some kind of anxiety or social type issues. There’s a huge range of people who draft to sa’ar but basically it’s because they got low scores at their tzav rishon. I had some free time and decided to go watch the tekes. I’ve been at Michve 3 months and I’ve watched at least 3 tkasim⇓ but each time it’s so emotional in it’s own way. When soldiers finish their course or basic training at michve, it’s more meaningful than finishing anywhere else because of the special populations that draft to Michve and not always מובן מאלב שהם התגייסו בכלל . The mitztayen⇓ of the pluga⇓ gave a speech during the tekes. He told his story. He explained that when he went to his tzav rishon⇓, he was super excited. He had a conversation with the kaban and because of anger issues and anxiety they told him he doesn’t have to do the army. He decided instead that he would do sherut leumi⇓ and do volunteer work if he couldnt draft. When he was at the end of the process to start sherut leumi they asked him again if he was sure he didn’t want to draft because there is a way he could draft if he wanted to. He decided that he did and he drafted to sa’ar at Michve. He told the boys in his pluga that they’re the best family they can ask for and explained that the segel⇓ didn’t have lower expectations for them because of their circumstance but instead demanded even more from them and helped them to succeed. He told his pluga “there really is nothing we can’t achieve”. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the audience almost crying because it was another reminder of why Michve is such a special place and why it’s incredible that I get to take a part in the bigger movement of the base.

My מ״מ⇓ from tironut⇓ just went up a rank and I went to her little ceremony which was nice and exciting. Even if I’m not close to the person it’s exciting for me just to watch the people who are close with them be happy. Makes me happy too.

Every Wednesday we have erev madaria⇓ and yesterday it was Tal’s birthday and we had a birthday party for him and it was fun. I even got my friend to smuggle him in McDonalds. Very successful opperation. I really like the people that I work with. They’re fun. Afterwards I had a two hour meeting with the ktzina⇓ of my ktzina last night and we’re almost done with the tochnit chinuch⇓ 2017 woot woot. פחות כיף אבל לא נורא

This morning my ktzina decided that we were going to have a little field trip and take a nice walk (ended up being an hour there and back) to the Druze village next to Michve and buy some breakfast food and eat a breakfast together with all of the madaria. It was great and yummy and we passed a scary dog and I screamed but other than that it was nice and relaxing.

I went to Tara’s (friend who was at Michve with me) tekes masa cumta⇓ today. Super last minute she told me that there was a shuttle from Afula so I said to myself what the heck and decided to go!! It was an adventure and I was so happy I went. Army ceremonies are still exciting even though it’s the 70000th one I’ve been to. I’m really serious just seeing all the excitement and seeing the accomplishment on someones face is a reason enough to go. Tara’s dad and grandma flew in from New York and her roommate came and it was all super nice and I’m happy I could come and share in the happiness. Mazal tov Tarrrrrrrr that cumta looks so nice on you 🙂

I got to Hanita this evening and hung out a little with the host fam and then sat and talked to ionatan for a long time and I’m about to go to sleep and go tomorrow to Tel Aviv and stay with Emma and it’s gonna rock. She’s coming to the panel on Sunday at Michve for lahava (which by the way I got uninvited to because no one from Michve gets my job so it’s not really worth it for me to even explain lol and they have too many girls coming to speak) but doesn’t matter cause me and Emma get to go to base together. Another not so bad Sunday!

Kitzerrrrr⇓- I’m grateful for army ceremonies and sharing in the joy of other’s accomplishments, the beautiful Michve view and especially gorgeous sunset this week

This song is stuck in my head. Hatikva 6 was still probably the most fun concert I’ve ever been to.

I feel like I’m losing my English a little bit. I’m in this horrible middle period of my English not being so good and also my Hebrew not being perfect. It’s hard so bare with me on the many Hebrew words I mixed into my post.


  1. stammmm- slang… I think I’d best translate this right now as “just kidding”
  2. plugat carmel- name of the Company in Michve for olim chadashim with slightly better Hebrew
  3. Michve Alon- the base I serve on
  4. lahava- name of the Company in Michve for olot chadashot (new immigrants) who are learing Hebrew- I was there in the beginning of my service
  5. shlav- stage
  6. toranut mitbach- kitchen duty
  7. dodot- people who work in the kitchen at Michve
  8. tiyul- trip
  9. plugat sa’ar- name of a one of the Company’s in Michve
  10. tzav rishon- the first tests for the army before you draft
  11. tekes, tkasim- ceremony, ceremonies
  12. mitztayen- outstanding soldier
  13. kaban- army psychologist
  14. sherut leumi- national service
  15. segel- staff
  16. מ״מ- comander Platoon
  17. tironut- basic training
  18. erev madaria- evening with my office
  19. ktzina- officer
  20. tochnit chinuch- education program of the base
  21. פחות כיף אבל לא נורא- not so fun but not horrible
  22. masa cumta- long hike that combat soldiers do at the end of training in order to ern their unit’s beret
  23. Kitzerrrrr- in short

I have no clue how to speak about the army in English so this helped me a little—

Happy Friday!!



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