10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Pre-Army Self

1. This is the beginning of a crazy adventure filled with many ups and downs. Make the best of it all. 

2. Take everything as a learning experience and allow yourself to always grow and find the positives in every single day- no matter how horrible it seemed. 

3. Don’t ever give up and remind yourself that everything passes- the good and the bad. Appreciate and enjoy the good stuff and know that the bad doesn’t last forever. 

4. Michve is a really special place. You’re going to meet people from all over the world. Some of them you’ll really like and connect to and many of them you won’t and that’s OK. You have an opportunity that most people in the entire world do not have. Remember that people come to Israel and the army for all different reasons. Challenge yourself to be accepting of people who are different from you in every way possible and find the common ground to connect on. 

5. It’s OK to cry, everyone does it.

6. SPEAK IN HEBREW AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Keep reminding yourself that the reason you’re there is to learn Hebrew. The best way to learn is to talk. Talk in class and talk to your friends. Speak in Hebrew even if you’re tired or overwhelmed. It’s super easy to just stick with the Americans and speak in English but you’re not going to take the easy way. Make all your stupid Hebrew mistakes in Michve. You get to practice Hebrew with people who won’t judge you and understand where you’re coming from- take advantage of that!! Build your confidence in the language, that’s the most important part and half the battle of learning a new language. Engage and participate in discussions.  Write down words that you hear and don’t understand and look them up and ask what they mean. 

7. Build a relationship with your mefakedet if at all possible. Trust her and she’ll trust you. Even if she’s yelling at you, remember that that’s her job and she doesn’t actually hate you. 

8. Bond with your tzevet. It’s so miserable to feel alone. Regardless, there will be times when you feel alone but keep reminding yourself that you’re really not.

9. You’re not the first to do this and you’re not the last.

10. Go kick the army’s ass!!!!!!! You got this!! ❤❤❤❤


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