Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a while…

I went to Course Chinuch in Ir Ha’Badim for 3 months and learned how to be a mashkit chinuch, learned history and geography of Israel, practiced public speaking and how to lead a lesson (in Hebrew), went on lots of siyurim and a big tiyul. I was really really nervous about having to speak in Hebrew in front of people and lead classes in Hebrew but I did it (didn’t really have a choice) and although it was a super super super hard course, I’m so proud I made it through. It was the first time in my life that I only spoke in Hebrew 24/6 and all my relationships and learning were in Hebrew. That was a huge challenge but I really accomplished a lot. My parents camp to my final ceremony (as did a lot of other wonderful friends and boyfriend and host family) and it was super מרגש and exciting and I now have a שרוך that I worked so hard for.

On the last day of the course we had a katzin miyun and they told us what base we are now going to (everyone to a different base). I walked into a room with my mefakedet and ממ and they tell me that they heard about this shibutz and think I would be the perfect fit. Drum roll please…….. you’re going back to Michve Alon. Michve was the base that I did my basic training and hebrew course at. I left thekatzin miyun and just cried for an hour straight. (Thoughts running through my head at that moment–What do they need me for at Michve? It’s already a base that the goal is Education so I’m going to have no work and it’s a totally pointless job!!!!!!!–) I left michve after course Ivrit and swore בחיים אני לא אחזור למקום החרא הזה but I guess God (or the powers of nature or whatever you wanna call it) had a different plan. So, that was it. After a week of fun with my parents I started at my new (/old) base… Michve Alon.

I arrived to Michve already about 3 weeks ago but because I’ve been in courses for my whole year, I have 6 days of chofesh to use and I think I’ve been more not on the base than actually on. It’s very different being segel on base and even though it’s the same base, it’s a completely different experience from what I went through in the course. I’ve quickly realized there is a ton of work for me all of the time and I am in contact with the officers and commanders of the base as well as working with the מפקדה. In this short time I have worked on a חדר נושאי about Yitzhak Rabin and it was really cool. Different plugot came to experience and learn in the room and my job was to explain to the mefakdot beforehand what they have to say and what they have to do and help them make the lesson fitting for their group of soldiers. I’m still meeting a lot of people and learning how everything works and it’s not easy to be the only new person but overall people have been very welcoming. Michve is a really special base and I’m happy to be there and a small part of really changing lives. Education is the most powerful tool for progression within our own lives and the progression and improvement of the society and it’s amazing that I get to be a part of that. The army is stressful but I think once I’m more settled in and understand everything better, I’ll be more calm about it all.

Thursday was thanksgiving and I was at the wedding of my camp counselor from Sprout lake who also made aliyah and did garin tzabar and was a mashkit chinuch and she rocks!!! I was so honored to be there and it was so beautiful. I’ve never seen so much joy in one room and it was so so fun. Despite horrible fires only meters from the wedding, everything went on as planned and it was amazing. http://www.israelhayom.co.il/article/430619

In other news, my birthday is on Wednesday and I will be 20 years old! 20 is a pretty big deal I think. I made it through my teenage years. Wow.

In honor of thanksgiving (and I write this every night before I go to bed)… I’m grateful for my garin, my family, all the special people who have opened up their hearts and lives to me so that I won’t be a lonely soldier, music that makes you feel, noticeable improvement, self reflection, meditation, genuine smiles, cute texts, really good hugs, dairy free oreo cake, the opportunity to be friends with people who are completely different from me, feeling free, breathtaking views, good night sleeps, medicine that helps you feel better, my army fleece, hot showers, soymilk, yummy snacks, my pillow, toilet paper, forgiveness, deep breaths, my bed in Hanita, the sound of waves crashing, fuzzy socks, alone time, the sound of silence, feeling wanted and appreciated, making a difference, long phone calls with people I care about, soy yogurt and granola, pleasant surprises חמשושים and all the little things that make the hard stuff worth it.

Lots and lots of love,


  1. Chinuch- חינוך- Education
  2. Ir Ha’Badim- עיר הבה׳׳דים- huge base in the south where I was for my course
  3. Mashkit chinuch- מש׳׳קית חינוך
  4. siyurim- סיורים- tours
  5. tiyul- טיול- trips
  6. מרגש- meragesh- emotional
  7. שרוך- sroch
  8. katzin miyun- קצין מיון- interview with an officer
  9. shibutz- שיבוץ- placement
  10. mefakedet- מפקדת- commander
  11. ממ- mem-mem- commander of a bigger group of soldiers
  12. חדר נושאי- cheder nosi- room with a topic
  13. plugot- פלוגות- group of soldiers
  14. aliyah- עליה- moving to Israel
  15. garin tzabar- גרעין צבר- program that helps lone soldiers
  16. segel- סגל- staff




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